New Recipes for a New Year

Friday, November 16, 2012

Herb Butter

Palm Gardens, Florida
1 lb butter, room temperature
3/4 cup chopped herbs
(Basil, Garlic, Sage, Parsley-choose one or two)
Combine in food processor
or use mixer to blend thoroughly

Press into square or oblong pan
 lined with plastic wrap
Refrigerate until solid
Cut into squares and freeze in
plastic containers with tight fitting lids
Use for roasting meats, vegetables and breads

A convenient seasoning for cooking a variety of meats, fish, vegetables or breads.  Sage Butter is very good for pork chops and sweet potatoes

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spanish Lemon Cream

Dogwood in Williamsburg VA

3 8oz containers of plain yoghurt
4 lemons
1/2 can of sweetened, condensed milk


Squeeze the juice from the lemons.  Add the juice to a mixing bowl.  Add 8 oz of sweetened, condensed milk (each can is 14 oz-so a little more than half).  Mix well with mixer.  Add yoghurt, one container at a time and mix well.  Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour until it thickens to the consistency of pudding.

I usually put it in parfait glasses and top with a few fresh berries- raspberries or blue berries.

Serves 4-6